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If you are coming in for the level 2 class please make sure you bring your running shoes if you have them. Or if you have a few different Crossfit shoes bring the ones that have the biggest difference from the heel to the toe. CrossFit shoes typically are pretty flat and the extra padding should help. Most of you have not done all out sprints for a long time so make sure you get loose and sweaty before you tackle this one.



Weds WOD’s

Level 1

Strict Press.

      5×3 –> Every 1:30.



Row 60/50 calories

50 ft bear crawl

20 med ball cleans 20/14

50 ft bear crawl

30 MBC

50 ft bear crawl

20 MBC

50 ft bear crawl


*16 min cap

Level 2

10 x 200m Sprints

Every 3 min.

Enjoy 🙂