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I am going to be gone for most of the day tomorrow and all of Friday for a wedding. So I will post Thursday and Friday’s WOD’s on here tonight. Please help spread the word that starting on Monday there will be no more level 1 classes. All of our CrossFit members will be combined into one class. That also means that if you see some new faces in your class they are probably level one peeps who just transitioned over so please make sure that you introduce yourselves. Try and remember how nervous you were for your first couple of level 2 classes and make them feel welcome!!!!! Also just want to say congrats to all of our 6 week challengers who started in January and have stayed with us this whole time. Great job you guys and glad all of you have stuck around and became a part of our CFoF family!!

Thursday’s WOD’s

Level 1

Push Press.


      5×3 –> Every 2:00.


WOD: 6 rounds of:

2 min of:

15 DB push press 35/20#

Max reps medicine ball cleans 20/14

1 min rest


*Record number of MBC each round for a total score

Level 2

Work to a heavy 3 rep OHS from the ground in 12 min

Then for time:

60 OHS 135/95

Every min perform 5 pull-ups

Friday’s WOD’s

Level 1

Back Squat.

       5×3 –> Every 2 minutes.

WOD:For time

50 jumping lunges


3 rounds of:

200m run

50 ft bear crawl

50 ft broad jump

*18 min cap

Level 2

5 min Amrap

8 power clean and jerks 115/75

4 burpee box jump 24/20

Rest 2 min

5 min Amrap

6 power clean and jerks 135/95

4 burpee box jump

Rest 2 min

5 min amrap

4 power clean and jerks 155/105

4 burpee box jump