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In case you have not heard yet, we are going to host a CrossFit Level 1 Cert on August 25-26th. So far we already have Rodney, E-Rick, John and Christie signed up to take it. I know some of you have been thinking about getting it as well. Why not do it with some friends and at your home gym!!

Already have your L1 our maybe you would rather learn more about the Olympic lifts? That same weekend right down the street at Good For You CrossFit they are hosting a CrossFit Weightlifting Specialty Course. I took this course in 2010 I think and it was full of knowledge, coaching cues and technique work. Josh Everett ran it back then and it was awesome.

I have been to 6 CrossFit Courses ( one of them was a Lvl 1 recent) and all of them have been top notch. It does not matter which one of these you sign up for you will learn a ton and it will greatly improve your understanding of what we do at the gym. Here are the links for both.

Level 1 Certification Course @ CFoF= https://crossfit.regfox.com/newarkaug2018

Weightlifting Course @ GFY= https://crossfit.regfox.com/wlnewarkaug2018




Thursday’s WOD:


1.) Push Press 4×8


2.) 3rds w/1min rest between rds

            Amrap x5 min


              STOH 135/95