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This is such an amazing picture for so many reasons. These four people were complete strangers to each other a year ago. One by one they individually joined the gym not knowing anybody else who went there. They started doing classes and making friends. Now two of them are married and they are all four standing on a beach in Bali together (plus they got some bad ass shirts on). We have a great thing going at the gym right now. It is a very welcoming environment and everyone is there rooting for one another to get better. Thank you Emma, Isabelle, Chu and Coach Gerardo for the cool pictures. If you have been wondering if CrossFit of Fremont is for you, maybe you should come and check out what we are all about. Who knows, maybe in a year you will be standing on some exotic beach with some great friends!!!!

Tuesday’s WOD

5 rounds for quality alternating with a partner:

200m run

200m row


AMRAP x 15 min

10 Deadlift 245/165

15 T2b