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Its time to test our 1 RM!! After months of improving form, increasing weights, and becoming stronger as a whole, it is time! Look forward to good warm ups, efficient jumps in weight, and some kick ass workouts afterwards!

If you didn’t get a chance to test one of your one rep maxes during the week, come on Saturday for a retest/Saturday WOD.

Afterwards, Coach Alex is offering 30 minutes of his time to talk about why you shouldn’t be eating grains and starches and what you should replace them with along with 3 exercises everyone should do daily, following the workout! He will release a video on the Facebook page for a sneak peak of what he will talk about, and it will be something you want to take advantage of!


Thanks to all who came out on Saturday to help celebrate our 8 year anniversary with a workout and a BBQ. I forgot to get everyone together after the workout to get a big group picture but it was a great turn out and good times like always. Even if Chu and Isabelle cheated all day at corn hole.

Tuesday’s WOD’s

Level 1

Strict Press.


      5×3 –> Every 1:30.


WOD: 7 rounds for time

7 seated DB press 20/15

7 goblet squats 53/35

7 russian swings 53/35


*7 minute cap*

Level 2


     Establish a 1RM.

WOD: For time

9-6-3-6-9 Bar muscle ups

75-75-75-75-75 double unders

18-12-6-12-18 deadlifts @50% of 1RM

*16 min cap