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Congratulations to our bootcampers!  Many of them have created a Spartan team and these photos are from the sprint and super last weekend, Feb 15-16th in San Jose.  Most of them improved this time, in speed, strength, endurance & skills like monkey bars, atlas carry, bucket carry… and all due to their bootcamp training at CFOF!! Congrats everyone!!!!  If anyone would like to join them, hit up Bella with any questions.

Monday February 24th

1. Conditioning

4 Rounds

12 DB Squat Cleans 50/35s

7 Toes to Bar

12 DB Push Presses 50/35s

7 Toes to Bar

2. Extra

Weighted Pull Ups

2-2-2-2-2 AHAP


EMOM 10 Minutes

3-7 Unbroken Strict Pull Ups