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More Dumbbells…  DB work is tough. It’s heavy, it’s repetitive, it’s annoying; but the benefits outweigh the irritants. 3 reasons DB work is good for us:

1. A dumbbell is a free weight, which means it allows us to train larger muscle groups at one time. That will increase our strength at a faster rate.

2. Using a dumbbell requires balance and coordination, which increases stabilization through our bodies. Stability in muscle groups will increase our overall power and strength.

3. Moving two pieces of equipment, rather than a single barbell or kettle bell builds strength and coordination.

So show up tomorrow and move some dumbbells! See you at the gym.

Tuesday January 7th

1. Conditioning

AMRAP 18 Minutes

20 DB Box Step Ups w/ 1 DB 50/35lbs

16 S-arm DB Hang Clean and Jerk 50/35lbs

10 Toes to Bar