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After 8 years of coming in almost daily, we are going to finally get rid of Joey. Joey is one of our oldest members. It only took him 5 years to learn double unders and he loves STOH. He can’t make a jump shot and he knows from growing up that Corpus Christi is waaaaay better than Holy Spirit in basketball. He used to stop working out right in the heat of the WOD at the double wide to walk by me while I was coaching to inform me that someone was cutting reps or cheating. Or he would whisper a joke that most should not hear or just to fart. Either way, I’m gonna miss those walk bys man. I love you brotha and CFoF is gonna miss you. Thank you for always being a huge part of the gym. Hope Texas doesn’t work out for you so you can move back to the gym.


Monday August 20th

Power Snatch

EMOM x5min  3reps

(Not touch and go, weight needs to be heavy)



Power Snatch 95/65

C2B pull-ups