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Next time you come in the gym you might see some new toys in there. The new Rogue Echo bikes are sweeeet! That thing is so smooth compared to the other bikes. I’m excited to show some of you how much fun that thing can be. We also got some more Speal bars for the rig so nobody has to fight over spots ( other than me and P ). We got two GHD’s and a bunch of new plates to replace some of the ones that have busted. If you guys have not noticed we have had a ton of plates that have been broken lately. The trainers are not yelling at you for not controlling your bars just because they want to. It is a safety concern and the plates are really expensive to replace. So enjoy your new toys and please control your barbells.


Also, I am going to get rid of the old GHD that is now by the front desk. It is free, first come first serve. Let me know if you want it and it is yours.




Friday’s WOD:

Partner wod

8x 500m row

Teams of 1:2 work 2 rest