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Saturday is the last day to get your picture taken for the Sexy by Summer contest. If you are coming in tomorrow and not sure if you are going to make it in on Saturday please make sure that you take it tomorrow. We can always take it again on Saturday if you want us to. NO PICTURES TAKEN AFTER SATURDAY WILL COUNT TOWARDS THE CONTEST, NO EXCEPTIONS. Sorry, but those are the rules and there is a good amount of money on the line so we want to keep it fair for everyone. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Great job today guys. I love that we brought back our “SKILL WORK” days. We understand that most of you can barely fit the 1 hour class in your schedules let alone stick around after class to do extra work. So every now and then we will be doing days like today where we will work on a certain movement instead of just doing the same old thing day in and day out. It really gives the coaches time to work with all of you who need some help with some of the more uncommon movements that we program. Because of this, we had a few people get their first rope climbs today and some others learn a new technique that helped them get up the rope way faster. We try to keep a close eye on the overall levels of the classes and figure out what we need to work on and put it in our programming. We will keep randomly adding these days as we progress out of our strength cycle. But if you feel like you need a little extra help, grab a trainer and schedule a 1 on 1 with them and let’s see if we can fix it ASAP!

Friday’s WOD

10rds For time:

30 Air Squat

300m run

3 muscle up

40 min cap