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if you’re struggling to get motivated and moving during this ‘much longer than expected‘ SIP, it’s not too late to get going.  Jump on zoom and join us for some social conversations and a good workout.  A few of our 6am members got back in the game yesterday and they were so excited they showed up for another session today!  So great to have them back on. We’ve missed you all!  Tomorrow is a good one. Zoom at 6am and 5pm. See you there!

6am  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/481929234

5pm  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/953343056

General Warm Up

3:00 Per Side, Calf Mash Then
30 Step Ups
30 Box Jumps
2:00 In the bottom of a Squat

For Time
100 Air Squats
200 Double Unders
400m Run
800’ Farmers Carry 50/35lbs (~250m)  1600m Run

3 x 10 Z-Presses*

*10 reps per round Rest as needed

– Time cap of 30 Minutes
– Reduce amount of reps per round
– Reduce weight on farmers carry
– Reduce distance on final run, final run shouldn’t exceed 10 minutes