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Rodney tries to lift the roof off the gym. It was a ‘No Rep’

I take nothing away from so many awesome showings for the 19.2, but let me draw your attention to a score of 19:35 against a name Rodney, and another number 20 against the same name. Yes, this is Rodney Wade – Coach Rodney Wade.

19.2 Scoreboard

It’s the same guy who’s been doing CrossFit for over 9 years and boy can he lift (he can squat over 500lbs!). Toes2Bar, however, has been his Achilles heel. So, what did he do? He performed the workout scaled. Discontent, he took the high road and came back to do it Rx, but wait – he doesn’t have Toes2Bar? That’s right! His goal was to get 1 – his first one – he got that and then he got 19 more! YES – TWENTY TOES TO BAR! His first twenty! Heck, if he had gotten to the cleans, those weights would have been a walk in the park for him!

What’s in it for you? Well, we all have choices to make each day too – at work, home, at the gym etc. We can either “settle” and make peace, or grind till we make it. At Crossfit of Fremont, you get an opportunity to practice and do what you want without judgement, without prejudice – a cocoon if you will, where you can be yourself and get after it, and feel proud in doing so. Be Rodney!


Thursday March 7th

Amrap x 30 min easy pace

Row 500

Run 400