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Have you been thinking about coming into the gym but you are a little intimidated by CrossFit? Or maybe CrossFit just isn’t your thing. We have you covered!! Our AWESOME Boot Camp program is starting a new 6 week long session this Monday the 10th. If you are worried about not being able to do it or being overwhelmed then check out our Yelp reviews full of people who thought the same thing before they came in.


Most of us are human and towards the end of summer our fitness tends to fall off a little bit. Whether it be because of vacations, getting the kids ready for school, or you just gave up because you were not going to get that summer body you wanted to in time for this summer. Summer is over, September is here and it is time to make the gym a daily routine again. Always remember how easy missing the gym for just one week can turn into 4 weeks and then 4 months. Do not let that happen to you again this year. Get your butts back in here and get back at it. And what better way to start that then with a 6 week Boot Camp that starts on Monday!!

Here is the sign up link for the new Boot Camp session:



Wednesday September, 5th

10rds Complete 1rd every 3min

12/8 cals Assault Bike Sprint

  • this workout is an all sprint. Each round should take no longer than 20 sec. if you cannot complete the amount of cals on the bike in that time, you will only work for 20 sec.