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We are ordering some more Driven Nutrition Supplements to restock at the gym. If you want me to add anything to the order please let me know and I will throw it on there for you. A lot of you take different supps from different companies, you might as well get them from us. We only carry Driven Nutrition because we know that it is a solid company with a good product. Besides, those other companies will not use the money they make to buy new equipment for our gym like we will. If you are going to spend the money to buy them anyways, might as well support your home gym so we can put it to good use!!

Wednesday’s WOD

  1. 4×12 strict supinated pull-ups (scale with band)
  2. Alt min x 21 min

                   Min 1: cal row

                   Min 2: STOH 95/65

                   Min 3: double unders