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No rest for the weary! Show up and work off all of that amazing food eaten today. We hope everyone had a wonderful day with family and friends!  The open gym Times tomorrow are 10am – 12pm and 5pm- 7pm.

See you there!

Friday November 29th

1. Warm-up
2 Steady Rounds Row 200m
8 Strict Pull Ups

2. Conditioning

For Time (sub for Bar Muscle Ups is twice the number of BMUs of ring rows and dips)

8 Bar Muscle Ups (or 16 ring rows/dips)

24 Lateral burpees over the bar

6 Bar Muscle Ups (or 12 ring rows/dips)

18 Lateral burpees

4 Bar Muscle Ups (or 8 ring rows/dips)

12 Lateral burpees

2 Bar Muscle Ups (or 4 ring rows/dips)

6 Lateral burpees

3. Extra
3 Sets
Max Effort GHD Sit up hold
Rest as needed between sets