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Just a friendly reminder that the bottled water and other “Point-of-sale“ items are not free.    It is on the honor system, however that’s based on the fact that we are trusting you to be honest.  There is a jar,  above the fridge, to drop money in, or there is an iPad where you can charge your own account.    Choose your item and add it to your cart and then you can search your name and you will have to enter your PIN number.  If you don’t remember the PIN number you set up when you registered your push press account, you can create a new one 🙂  one water may not seem like much, but when 20 people take one,  it can add up fast.

Friday August 16th

20 Rounds

2 Rope Climbs

10 cal row

**in teams of 4, so each athlete will do 5 rounds. One athlete completes an entire round before the next athlete takes their turn.