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next Monday, May 4th… it’s on!! Our 6 week clean eating challenge.   ‘Lean Into It.’ This is the 8 week program, condensed into 6 weeks, in hopes that we will begin to get back to a somewhat normal life by the beginning of summer.  I see a whole lot on social media about people struggling to stay disciplined with nutrition, while quarantined, so let’s challenge ourselves and get lean before summer.

you can register HERE!! If you’re not ready for a continuous program, but would like some free recipes, I post a new one each week HERE.  You can fill out the form and get them delivered to your inbox weekly .

Zoom sessions Monday @12pm & 6:30pm

noon:   https://us02web.zoom.us/j/324868982

6:30pm: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/740477153

Monday April 27th

For Time

Box Jumps

Single DB Step Ups 50/35lbs

S-Arm DB Push Press
*Begin each round with a 400m Run

20 Rounds

Single Leg Lunge Holds, back knee 1” off the floor*

:30 On
:30 Off
*Alternate front leg as needed