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Rick Grimes was police officer in a small town called Cynthiana, Kentucky. While in a shootout with an escaped convict Rick was shot and wounded. He was in a coma for almost five weeks only to awaken to a zombie apocalypse. Later he looses his wife, son and countless friends. He is a leader of a small group of survivors who are trying to bring some type of humanity back to the world. Rick Grimes gave his life to protect his friends………………….or did he?



“Rick Grimes” Hero WOD (Zombie wod)


Part 1 Escape- 3 rounds


30-Sledge hammer hits (15/15)

2-Rope climbs



(no rest, go right into the next part)


Part 2 Run-3 rounds


Med ball sprint (100 m sprint w/med ball)

Bear crawls (down to the cone and back)

Farmer carries (100 m with #55/35)


(no rest, but start at the top of the next min for part 3)


Part 3. Fight


2 rounds of FGB

1 min at each station



SDHP #75/55

Box jumps #20

Push press #75/55

Row for cals

1 min rest