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This picture looks just like most of my Noon, 4:30 and 5:30 classes today, lol.



I have to admit, this week has been a lot of fun to have both programs going at the same time in the same class. We had a few huge classes with a ton of energy in them. I am also very prod of all of you Boot Campers who have come in all week. It would have been really easy for you to be afraid to do something a little bit different and just taken a few days off. Instead you all came in, worked your butts of and hopefully had a lot of fun doing it.  As CrossFit coaches we get to see you guys working out but we never get to coach any of you. It is nice to be able to work with all of you hands on and get to put some more names to faces. Hopefully all of you got to meet a few more coaches at the gym this week and will feel more comfortable approaching any of us in the future for anything you may need help with. Like I said before, we are all in it together to get better. So anything you guys need just let us know and we will try to help out the best we can. We are going to be finishing the week off with the same combo classes. This Saturday the Boot Camp class will be at 10 am (NO 8 AM BOOTCAMP THIS WEEKEND) and will be a mixture of both BC and CrossFitters. I hope to see you all there for some more fun. Who knows, we might even break out some of our toys for this one!


Friday’s WOD

18 min AMRAP


100 m run

20 ballslams #20/15

20 box jumps/step ups #20

100 m run

20 kb sdhp #53/35

10 burpees