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It is that time of year again. Summer is right around the corner and some of us aren’t as summer ready as we would like to be. We are going to be starting our annual Sexy By Summer contest this Monday, April 9th. The rules are listed below. I would encourage all of you to sign up for it. It is only $20 and it will give you an excuse to really tighten up on the diet and train a little harder for the next 2 months. Even if you do not win, you will walk into the summer stronger and leaner. And who knows, you might just win a nice chunk of cash to go with your new body. There is just something about being accountable to a group of people that helps you make the right decisions.


1.)Starting date: April 9th. Come in and get your before picture taking anytime on Monday or after. The sooner the better, it will give you more time to work on your goals.

2.) Ending date: June 9th. No exceptions!! If you do not have your after picture taken by this date it will not count towards the prize money.

3.) To be in the contest you must have both your before and after pictures taken at the gym. There will be a $20 cash buy in that is due when your before picture is taken. You are not in the contest until you have paid your buy in. We will have two X’s set up on the ground in my office. One will be where the camera will be and the other will be where you stand. This way everyone gets the same pic, from the same distance with the same camera.

4.) Feel free to wear whatever you feel comfortable with for your pics. You do not have to take them in shorts and a sports bra, or shirtless (for guys, lol). Obviously the less you wear the easier it will be to be able to see your results. But the main thing is for you to feel comfortable while you kick ass in the contest. We will try and have both male and female trainers available to take your pictures but it might not always be an option.

5.) Must be a current member at CFoF to be eligible for the contest. CF, BC and personal training clients are all welcome and encouraged to join.

6.) The photos will be judged and voted on by the trainers. We will be selecting the winner by the clearest physical changes between the before and after pics. It does not just have to be the most weight lost or body fat % dropped. It can also be for people trying to add weight and muscle.

7.) It is a winner takes all contest. Whoever is decided the winner will walk away with all of the cash!! Unless there is a situation like last year where it was just too close to call. We ended up splitting it between the top two people. Again, this will be decided by the trainers.

8.) NO REFUNDS!! Once you pay your $20 entry fee you are in the contest.

Monday’s WOD’s

Level 1

Front Squat.


       5×3 –> Every 1:30.


WOD: 16 min AMRAP

6 toes to bar

8 pushups

10 box jumps 24/20

Level 2

Push Press.

       Establish a 1RM.

WOD: 9 min AMRAP


6 power cleans*

9 box jumps 24/20

Lvl 1: 185/135

Lvl 2: 155/105

Lvl 3: 115/80