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I lived without Double Unders for a good 18 months – scaling every time DUs were programmed in. I kept trying them when I was asked to but I just couldn’t get them. So, if you are someone who has found DUs to be as elusive, I know exactly how you feel.

What happened in the 19th month? Practice!

I have been traveling for best part of the year thus far and, while it sucks, there’s a silver lining. During one of my work trips, all I had was open areas and a jump rope.

Perfect opportunity to practice DUs!

On the first day, my target was to get 50 DUs – any which way. It took me probably 500 singles to get those 50 – but I got them. With my calves on fire, I targeted 100 on day 2. I got them too – in about 30mins. I steadily increased the target to 200 by day 5.

I had jump rope bruises everywhere, but I was getting a hang of it!

Day 6 and 7 – I went in front of a mirror and kept trying DUs.

Something clicked!

By day 7, I was high-kneeing my jumps but I was stringing them! I am now in month 20 and, while I am probably still high-kneeing a fair few of my DUs, I have been able to string them – as many as 50, thus far, and the jumps are getting more efficient as well.

On April 5th, I went Rx for the very first time when DUs were programmed in.

Here is an embarrassing video of me performing DUs for the first time in a workout, if you are interested: Double-Unders (told you I have been high-kneeing! …and I have no idea how I missed the hoop!), Video credits: Shelly.


DUs were tough for me and they are probably tough for some of you too but it’s nothing that cannot be acquired with practice and determination. [Similar can be said for <insert that skill that you don’t have yet>]

Finding an accountability partner helps too – I was sending a text at the end of each practice day to Shelly (she told me she cared :-p). John also suggested to me a long time ago to practice 15-20 DUs before the start of each workout day – I should have listened.


Tuesday May 21st


Single Arm Dumbbell Hang Clean and Jerk 50/35lbs

Dumbbell Box Step Ups 24/20”