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I just want to give a big shout out to Coach Alex. He has been the master mind behind our workouts during our strength cycle and he has done an amazing job. I understand how much work it takes to make a successful program and you can tell he put his time in making those wod’s for us. Thank you man, I really do appreciate it! Keeping it consistent with CrossFit and constantly varied we are going to be switching our programming up. With just finishing up a 5 month strength cycle it is the perfect time to do so. You guys have been coming in, getting 10-15 mins of warm up, 20-25 mins of lifting and then 8-14 mins of a high intensity workout. With summertime right around the corner it is time to shock your body a little bit and train in a way that you are not used to. If you come in and do not see a 5×5 written on the board, don’t freak out, you will be ok. There might be a few longer workouts and some more running thrown in here and there. We are also going to bring back working on SKILL work some days. These will be days where instead of doing the strength portion in the middle of the hour we will work with you on improving a certain movement, like handstands or muscle ups. I think most of you will really benefit from these days and afterwards you will be able to start practicing those movements on our own knowing that you are doing them correctly and with the right progressions. Coach Costa is going to be taking over the  programming for the level 2 class starting this week. Can’t wait to see what he has in store for us.


Tuesday”s WOD’s

Level 1


      5×3 –> Every 1:30.


WOD: 6 rounds

4 strict pull-ups (use band if needed, no ring rows)

6 power cleans 75/55

8 deadlifts 75/55


8 min cap


Level 2

Skill Work:

Handstand work



For Time complete the following:


KB Swings (American) 70/53


Push ups

30 double unders after each set