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It’s that time of year again!! Time for the Open! A worldwide, online competition, which will test your fitness against others in your age group. The Open is for EVERYONE.  …of ALL levels and abilities.  There are plenty of options; RX, scaled, no equipment (for those still more comfortable working out at home), adaptive for the disabled, etc   Each week a workout will be released  you will have about 5 days to do the workout and submit your score    As always, Friday’s will be the day we do the workout in class… so since you’re doing the workout anyway, might as well sign up!! It’s only 3 weeks this year, instead of the traditional 5. Sign up at the link below ⬇️


Monday February 22nd

1. Weightlifting

Bulgarian Split Squat

6-8 Reps on each leg


10-15 Heavy DB Sit-Ups

Rest 90sec. After Each Set. Repeat for 4 total sets

2. Metcon
15min. AMRAP:
30/20 calorie Row
40/30P ush-Ups
50/40 Double Unders
60/50 Plate Overhead Walking Lunges 45/25lb