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How does your life currently line up with your goals?  There are 3 months left in this decade. How much longer do you want to wait to change your life?  In January we start a new decade. How fast did the last one go for you? For me, it flew by. I still have goals on the table I imagined I would have met by now. Some of them, I haven’t even touched and some of them I have met or surpassed.  We can post all kinds of motivational topics and we can encourage you until we are blue; …but how effective will it be in such a short time, if you had goals to meet by the end of this year?

Thursday the open begins. Sign up, get a score and have a baseline. If you never start, you’ll Never get there. If you’re already on your game, think about how you will step it up to meet your new goals. Don’t finish out the decade wishing you started what you intended to start 10 years ago.


Monday October 7th

1. Strength

Squat Snatch

Touch and Go


2. Conditioning

For Time

15 Right Arm Hang DB Snatch 50/35lbs

200m Run

15 Left Arm Hang DB Snatch 50/35lbs

200m Run

12 Right Arm


12 Left Arm


9 Right Arm


9 Left Arm