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We know these days are feeling a little familiar. …like we’ve been here before… everyday for the last 44 days, lol, but don’t forget your commitment to stay healthy. Exercise builds the immune system.   The more high intensity workouts you do, the more you protect your body from illness. So don’t let the ‘shelter in place’ order keep you from your goals   It’s just an excuse, not a reality. We provide the workouts and multiple opportunities to work out with others.  You’ll feel great! :):)  PLUS… if you do the workouts (or any workout) and submit a sweaty selfie, you will be entered into a raffle for a pretty decent prize when we open back up. Let’s go!!

Thursday April 30th
AMRAP 30 Minutes
800m Run
40 Sit Ups
20 Goblet Lunges 50/35lbs
Accumulate 5:00 Superman Hold
Reduce Running Distance
Reduce Sit Up Rep Scheme
Substitute Lunges for Goblet Lungest Reduce total time domain