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I am taking off early Friday morning to take Jameson camping for the weekend so I am going to post both days WOD’s on here tonight. I will be in the gym all day tomorrow so let me know if you need anything before I leave in case I do not get reception out there.


Thursday’s WOD:

Alt min 5 stations

4 rds For 20 min

Min1: 200m run

Min2: 3 rope climbs

Min3: 6 Deadlift heavy *245/165

Min4: 9 HSPU

Min5: 15/12 cal row  12/10 Echo Bike

Friday’s WOD:

Front Squat



Then for time

30 bar-facing burpees

15 Front Squat (body weight or as close to body weight as possible) *heavy

30 bar-facing burpees