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HUUUUGE thanks to Coach Joey for getting this for us at the gym. I walked into the gym yesterday and there was a huge box sitting there. I didn’t order any new equipment so I went up to check it out. It said “HAPPY 8 YEARS” on it. I turned it around and saw the picture of the basketball hoop on the front. We have been talking about getting one since the double wide days and just have never gotten around to it. It will be a great toy to pull out for warm ups/ work outs/ Saturdays and get togethers. For those of you who do not know, I grew up playing against Joey in a CYO league. He couldn’t jump then and he can’t jump now, lol. Thanks again man. We will get that thing set up and broken in really soon!!

Friday’s WOD’s

Level 1

Push Press.


       5×3 –> Every 1:30.


WOD: 10 min AMRAP

10 Legblasters

200m run


1 legblaster = 2 alternating lunges, 2 jumping lunges, 2 air squats, 2 jumping squats


Level 2

Close grip bench 3×5

Back squat 3×5


In teams of 2 complete

15 min Amrap

30 bench press 135/95

30 slam balls