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We hope everyone is staying healthy and active!! Don’t forget the importance of exercise and nutrition, to build your immune system.  Increase your vegetable intake, eat fruit, whole grains and lean protein. Drink lots of water and get plenty of sunshine.  Raise your heart rate at least 3-4 days per week, for longer than 15 mins.   All of these things will help us stay clear of COVID-19.

Monday April 6th

5 Rounds
20 KB/DB Goblet Step Ups 53/35lbs or less
20 KB Swings or DB Hang Snatches 53/35lbs or less 20 Box Jumps or jump overs

Alternating Tabata*
1: Flutter Kicks
2: Legs Extended Hold *Perform 8 cycles of each

– Reduce the amount of repetitions or rounds
– Substitute the KB/DB for a gallon jug
– Replace box jumps with lateral line hops