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We’d like to welcome our new members from the latest 6 week challenge class!  They have taken the plunge and joined us, now ready to take their fitness to a new level.  We have a couple of other new seasoned athletes, as well.  When you see them in class, be sure to introduce yourselves and welcome them :-).

…and just in time for a staple WOD.  Helen was one of the near original benchmark workouts.  These ‘girl’ workouts were designed to truly test your fitness.  Why a girl name?  Why else?  …because women are stronger 🙂  kidding… the founder of CrossFit says these workouts leave your body feeling like it was hit by a storm and the US National Weather Service assigns a female name to all of their storms.

‘Helen’ just happens to have been my very first WOD, on my first day at CrossFit of Fremont, 9 years ago.  I just read on wodwell.com that a good time for a beginner is in the 15-17 minute range.  It took me 24 minutes that day! haha.  I think I walked the entire run.  So if you are a beginner at CrossFit, you might want to use the scaling options to avoid hitting the time cap. Don’t be like Shelly in 2010.

Thursday June 20th


3 Rounds For Time:

400m run

21 Kettlebell Swings (53/35#)

12 Pull-ups


AMRAP 8 Mins

Teams of 3

50′ Sandbag Carry (50-150lbs)