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We want to officially welcome Coach Nitin to our training staff. He is going to be coaching some of our Thursday AM classes for right now but you might be seeing him at some of the night classes in the near future. If you have not yet met him please introduce yourself to him. He will be a great addition to our team, so if you have any questions regarding training feel free to hit him up. Welcome to the team man!!



Tuesday’s WOD’s

EMOM x 5min

3 TNG Power Snatch

  Rest 2 min

EMOM x 5min

2 reps TNG Power Snatch

Rest 2 min

EMOM x 5min

1 Power Snatch every :30

  • increase weight as reps go down



AMRAP x 10 min

10 alt Db Snatch

10 burpees over Db