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Monday is another day of a strict body weight movement. We have been seeing a lot of strict pull-ups and strict handstand push-ups in the programming lately.  These are great movements, but often difficult to perform if we don’t do them everyday. Of course, we always offer modifications, but what if we worked toward not having to modify? If you ever have a few extra minutes before or after class, or on a Saturday, come in and spend a few mins putting in some extra work to try to get closer to the prescribed movement. It just takes a few times a week and about 20 extra minutes each time to work on progressions that will move you to the next step. How will it feel to accomplish your first strict pull up?!  Amazing!  Can’t wait to see those first ones!! Who’s going to give it a shot?

Monday June 24th 

1. Strength

Find a 1RM deadlift

2. Conditioning

3 Rounds for time

10 strict pull-ups

20 goblet squats (50/35lbs)

50 Double Unders