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How were those planks, today, after the core work this week and heavy deadlifts today? Yikes!!
Coach John suggested this cool blog fun fact, so I did some googling. a 62 year old, former marine, currently holds the world record for the longest plank.  8 hours, 15 mins and 15 seconds! Whaaaat?!  I eat at least 3 times in 8 hours. How is it possible to plank that long?!  Amazing.
Friday February 19th 
1. Weightlifting
Snatch (Complex)
Pick one these Complexes:
Build up to a heavy 3 Position Power Snatchor

(Advanced) Build up to a heavy Complex:
1 Power or Squat Snatch +
1 Snatch Balance +
2 Overhead Squats

2. Metcon
15min. to finish…
100 Thrusters 95/65lbs.
*EMOM complete 5 burpees
*Start with burpees