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Lots and lots of KB swings tomorrow! Be mindful of working through your legs and hips and not your back. As we get tired, it’s easy to drop the shoulders in front.  If you complete the workout within the time cap, it’s 210 total swings.  let’s go!!!!

Tuesday February 16th
1. 20min. EMOM:
MIn. 1) 12 Toes-To-Bar
Min. 2) 2 Power Clean and Jerks

*Climbing in weight to the heaviest #’s you can hit.

2. Metcon
15min. to get as far as possible…
20 American KB Swings, 1 HSPU
19 American KB Swings, 2 HSPU’s
18 American KB Swings, 3 HSPU’s
…continue this pattern until…
2 American KB Swings, 19 HSPU’s
1 American KB Swings, 20 HSPU’s

RX is 53/35lb. + Kipping HSPU

RX+ is Strict HSPU’s