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happy Thanksgiving to you and your families from CrossFit of Fremont! Have a great and safe holiday.   Let’s get that workout in before you EAT! Remember to allow yourself enough time to warm up, work out and clean up before the doors close at 11am.  Open gym is open to all programs.

Thursday November 25th


3 Supersets:

3 Front Squats (80-90% effort on all sets)
6-8 Barbell Hip Thrust (80-90% effort on all sets)

Rest 2-3min. Between Sets.

*Shooting for 5-10% more weight on the front squats than last week for just 3 reps per set instead of 5
*Shooting for 5-10% more on the hip thrusts than last week

Front Squat (3 x 3)
Barbell Hip Thrust (3 x 8)
DO NOT SLACK on that rower! You have some solid rest break time programmed in, so be sure to hit it hard and earn it!
Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

For Max Reps:

3min. of Wall Balls (20/14lbs.)
3min. of Rowing For Cals
3min. Rest
2min. of Wall Balls
2min. of Rowing For Cals
2min. Rest
1min. of Wall Balls
1min. of Rowing For Cals