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This is one of those workouts that doesn’t sound too bad, until minute 2 😬. Pick a number you think you can make consistent each round and still make it under the time cap. If you start out too aggressive, you may not have the stamina left for the 2nd half of the clock. Be smart 🙂

Monday July 19th
Back Rack Lunge (Double Progression Week 3)
4-6 Reps on EACH leg
superset with;
10-12 Heavy DB Russian Twists
Rest 2min. Repeat For 3 Total Sets.

For Time:
50 Power Cleans 115/75lbs.
Immediately into;
50 Back Squats 115/75lbs.

The catch…

At the top of EVERY minute, complete 4 burpees. Start with burpees.

To be clear, you complete 4 burpees. Then get as many power cleans as possible. As soon as the clock hits 1min, you complete another 4 burpees. Then chip away again. At minute 2, complete 4 more burpees… And so on…

For the back squats, you have to clean it off the floor and put it on you back.

Time CAP: 18min.

RX+ is 135/95lbs.