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The gym should be back to normal hours for the rest of the week. Sorry again for any inconveniences. Hope you were all able to get out and enjoy the nice weather today. After a few weeks of trash talking back and forth I got to take Jameson to the park and we were finally able to find out who the better wall ball player is. I do not get to spend enough evenings after school with him as I would like. I really enjoyed it today and he now believes that I am still the best wall ball player in the world (for now).

“Regularly learn and play new sports.” —Greg Glassman, CrossFit Founder

Or one that you have not played for 25 years, lol.



Wednesday September 26th

EMOMx 30 min


Min1: assault bike 12/10

Min2: Bench Press 12 reps  115/75

Min3: cal row 15/12

Min4: wallball 15reps

Min5: rest