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I get it! This is uncomfortable to talk about but respecting the gym and doing your bit to keep it clean is everyone’s responsibility. Sometimes when we enter the gym, we see what you see above. These are shoe marks as if someone just ran a mudder and rolled right into the gym, and it’s happened several times the last few weeks.

Did you know that there are several gyms around the world that make you bring in two pairs of shoes? We don’t and we wouldn’t. Can everyone please be considerate and clean their shoes before walking in, please?

As for tomorrow’s WOD – it will test your ability to move a heavy barbell after elevating your heart rate and frying your legs and arms. Ask the Coach to help you scale as appropriate!


Tuesday March 26th

5 Rounds
30 Air Squats
20 Handstand Push Ups 10 Power Cleans 185/125lbs Rest 2:00