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I was browsing around a competition website for an event and I came across this functional fitness, online competition, called ‘Constant Competitor.’ Every month they hold a 3-4 week competition. For $10 ($7 with the coupon code CCFEB) you can participate. They have RX, scaled and team divisions   No masters in this one. You can register here. Scott and I are signed up. Marcelo is going to recover from being sick and be our sidekick. You have until 5pm Wednesday to submit the first score. If you would like to give it a shot, it’s a good way to step in to a very low key, small online event and see what it’s like. The first WOD is ‘Jackie.’ You can also browse their past events and see what kind of programming they have.

Who’s going to join us??

Tuesday February 11th

1. Strength

5 Rounds

Strict Press Drop Sets

2 Reps

4 Reps

6 Reps

2. Conditioning

Every 4 Minutes for 16 Minutes

15/9 Calorie Bike