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It’s games weekend family!   The top CrossFit athletes in the world, come together and compete against each other for the title of “fittest on earth “ Those of you that would like to watch you can view it here:  https://games.crossfit.com    You can find the daily schedule on the games website also.

Carmela and Ivania are out in Madison, watching it live!    If you’ve never been to the CrossFit games, I suggest going sometime.    It was a lot easier when the games were in Southern California, but it’s pretty amazing to be up close with all of the elite athletes doing their thing.

The photo Erick posted on the family page, earlier today is from a very memorable trip to the games, for CrossFit of Fremont.  We had 14 people split up among two loft hotel rooms.    Two queen size beds and one pull out sofa bed, for seven people per room.   Apparently we had some pilots sleeping in rooms nearby so we were asked to keep the noise level down and the party kept getting louder.  The hotel staff was a little tired of warning us so they had the police visit.    They told Jeff we couldn’t stay there that night because we weren’t following the noise guidelines, however every single hotel in Carson was fully booked, so all 14 people, plus one of our former trainers,Eli ( Who just decided he wanted to stay with us instead of in his own room),  had to pile in to the second hotel room, making it a 15 person occupancy for those two queen beds and a pull out sofa.  Eric Montes ended up on the fireplace bricks, in a sleeping bag with ear plugs,  Rodney ended up, literally in the middle of the floor, with not one pillow or blanket,  Mo  was one of four people squished into a queen size bed,  somebody was laid across the top of them,  somebody else was in the office chair next to that bed, Eli,  Who had a reserved room across town, pulled up the pillows from the sofa bed and made his own pieced together mattress,  in a corner, Christie,  I think shared a bed with the Pope’s up in the loft, and I was all by myself in a sofa bed,  because everyone was too  apprehensive to sleep in the same bed with a married girl, and when Jeff noticed, as drunk as he was, he said “………there’s a bed? “  so he laid down and crashed right out.   We still had one more night in that hotel room, all together, but we had more time to get situated and figure out how we were going to make it work and all I remember is it was a tiny bit more comfortable than the first night.  Needless to say there wasn’t much of a party the second night.  Haha   Good times!

Friday, August 2nd

75 Dumbbell Box Step Overs 50/35s to 24”/20”

* begin the work out with a 1000 m run, then in the time remaining, until the 10 minute mark, max rep box step overs.

At the 10 minute mark, run 400 m,  every 5:00  and perform step overs with the remaining time  until all 75 step overs are complete.