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Step 1 is choosing a teammate. The Team Series allows female/female pairs, male/male pairs or mixed-gender pairs to compete, so invite your sister, brother, friend, significant other, co-worker, mom, dad—the list goes on—to participate in CrossFit’s all-inclusive offseason competition.

Once you have your teammate, it’s time to register. Head over to the CrossFit Games website to get started. Registration goes like this: Team Managers will log on, create a team and pay US$40. When they’re done, they’ll get a unique link to invite their teammate to join their team. The second athlete then follows the unique link to join the team.


Two sets of partner workouts will be released via live announcements on the CrossFit Games website on Wednesday, Sept. 19, and Wednesday, Sept. 26. In Week 1, pairs will have until Monday, Sept. 24, to complete the workouts and submit their scores. The deadline for Week 2 will be Monday, Oct. 1. This means pairs have five days to complete the workouts once they are released.

Athletes have two options to complete the workouts: with a judge at a licensed CrossFit affiliate in good standing or with a judge outside of an affiliate. If teams choose the latter, they must videotape their efforts.


We already have a few teams signed up at the gym. Let me know if you want to do it and can’t find a partner, we have a few more people who are interested in joining. Great job Chu and Emma smashing the first word today!



Friday Sept 21st


Deadlift 225/155


C2b pull-ups