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Even coaches need coaching. Some of you have noticed on Friday nights that we started doing a trainers only class. I talked to one of my buddies who is an amazing Olympic weightlifting coach and asked him if he could come in and do a special class for us. It doesn’t matter how long you have been lifting, there is always something that you can work on. We are working hard on getting better to help all of you get better. We are ll in it together!


Monday December 17th

Power Clean complex  (5 sets of 3 Clean Grip Deadlifts+ 2 HPC + 1 Push Jerk)

Begin each Lift with Clean Grip Deadlift, These are touch and go reps, Hold at the top of the 3rd deadlift and begin the HPC, Once the last HPC is perform then finish with a Push Jerk… increase weight each set for 5 working sets

For time:

1000m row

30 power cleans 165/115