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In every single cartoon handstand image I searched for, the head was sticking out. Ha.  Bad gymnastics. Tomorrow is handstand push up day!! If you don’t yet have a handstand push up, you will get to work on handstands. If you’re comfortable being upside down, but don’t yet have a solid handstand against the wall, check your form. Head, shoulders, ribs, hips and toes should all be in the same line.  Often people close their shoulders slightly, making an angle impossible to become vertical. Once you’re upside down, do this:

Full body against the wall

head in

ribs down

squeeze your butt (and legs)

push your toes to the ceiling (through your shoulders)

Do that all at the same time and you might get stuck in a nice handstand :). If you have a comfortable handstand, work with your trainer on accomplishing a handstand push up.  If you have a handstand push up, challenge yourself and do some deficit HSPUs. Let’s see some new skills tomorrow!

Thursday July 11th

1. Skill Work

Handstand Push Ups

2. 25 min AMRAP

90 Double Unders

200m run

30 air squats

200m run

15 HSPUs

200m run