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Hope you guys all had a great Thanksgiving and were able to spend some time with your families. It is time to get back to work. GET IN THE GYM!! This is a really dangerous time of year for most people when it comes to their fitness goals. Whether it is traveling, family in town, end of year work projects, etc. it is really easy to find excuses to miss your workouts. Do not make the same mistake that a lot of others do and take December off and hope that you will come back strong in January. Most people will gain 5-10 lbs over the holidays. Keep coming in, working your butts off and hit the New Yew full steam ahead.


Monday November 26th

Squat Clean & Jerk




100 Double unders

20 Clean and jerk 135/95

100 Double Unders

20 Clean and jerk 135/95

14 min Cap