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Looks like we paid in advance, with all of those long workouts last week :). Enjoy the skill work, followed by this 15 min burner.

Wednesday October 6th
Push Jerk
BIG Push/Pull EMOM

EMOM x 20min.
Min. 1) 5 Push Jerks (Climbing)
Min. 2) *Pick One

*30sec. of Kipping Pull-Ups
*5 Muscle Ups
*2 Rope Climbs
*3-5 Weighted Pull-Ups

Important Notes:
Only choose 1 option above and stick to it the whole time. You may take the push jerk out of the rack and climb a little each round OR take it off the ground. Put your heaviest weight in for the score.

15min. AMRAP:
Russian KB Swings (70/53lb.)
Double Unders

Not too sure if this one is finish-able  in 15min. or not, BUT I do think it will be very close! Let’s see 🙂