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CBDB CBD is an online CBD company based out of Las Vegas, NV.  We offer CBD Distillate, Isolate Powder and various CBD Tinctures.  Our prices are 50-80% lower than ALL other CBD companies out there.  All of our CBD is grown, processed and extracted in the state of Nevada.  All CBD is 3rd Party tested for Purity, Contaminants and Quality as per Nevada State Law. All CBD is derived from Hemp.  We will soon be offering CBG and CBN products as well.

Tinctures are only to be used Orally.  Place desired amount sublingually for 1-2 minutes and then swallow the remainder.  Tinctures come in strengths of 3000mg/6000mg/9000mg and can be made with CBD Isolate Powder, Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum Distillate.  Each order contains 3 x 30ml Tincture Bottles at prices lower than 1 Bottle offered by ALL of our competitors.  All Tinctures are all natural and made only with C8 MCT Coconut Oil and pure CBD.  No artificial flavors, additives or preservatives.
Our CBD Distillate comes in Full Spectrum (< 0.3% THC and 80-85% CBD) and Broad Spectrum (Zero THC and 85-90% CBD).  CBD Distillate can be used for Vaping, making your own Edibles or Tinctures.  You can even eat it if you so desire.
Our CBD Isolate Powder is 99% Pure CBD (Zero THC) and can be used for vaping, making your own Edibles or Tinctures.  You can even just put some in your morning coffee or directly under your tongue like a Tincture and let it dissolve.
Tuesday March 30th 
Clean and Jerk Cardio Complex:

Every 2min. x 10 Rounds:
10/7 Calorie Assault Bike
2 Power Clean and Jerks

*Climbing in weight to the heaviest #’s you can hit.

2 Rounds For Time:
50 Push Jerks 95/65
25 Toes-To-Bar

*EMOM complete 4 Burpees!
*Start with Burpees
*You must finish all 50 jerks before going to the TTB.
*LOCK OUT your reps and HOLD it for a split second before you bring the bar down.