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In case anyone missed Jeff’s post today…  this damage happened to one of the plates.   anytime we have a light weight barbell movement, it’s imperative  we don’t drop the barbells on the ground. we have to set them down. The 10s and 15s are not as dense as the other plates. It doesn’t take much force to break them. Bumper plates are a high cost piece of equipment and with a lot of members, we are already shy of the amount of plates needed to run a large class. Please honor the request of not dropping barbells when it’s a 10 or 15lb plate on either side.

Wednesday August 7th

1. Strength

In 12 mins work up to a 2RM Strict Press

2. Conditioning

10 Rounds

10 Push Press using 60% of your 2RM

12 Back Rack Lunges