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Good job this week on all of the long workouts, some of which have had some advanced skill movements in them. Sometimes our workouts have such generous time caps, that it’s a good idea to work on drills for a skill as a sub for the skill, as a way of practicing them. Sometimes the caps are intended to push your endurance and level and if you don’t yet have the skill, it’s not an optimal time to try it. At that point, you will want to opt to scale the movement and choose some outside time to become more proficient at it. Please consider this wisdom when figuring out how to structure your WOD. If you aren’t sure, ask a trainer. If they think you might be going too aggressive, please take their recommendation. When you’re in the middle of a workout, trainers are at their resting heart rate and athletes are about 4 times that. They might be thinking more clearly than the athlete, at that point, and will be able to advise on avoiding injury. It’s more important to avoid injury than to get an ‘RX’ on the board next to your name.

Happy Friday!

Friday September 27th

1. Strength

Hang Squat Snatch


2. Conditioning

Climb the Ladder for 10 Minutes

2 Box Jumps 30/24″

6′ Handstand Walk

4 Box Jumps

12’ Handstand Walk

6/18’, 8/24’ etc…