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Hey all, I’m sure you have seen Jeff’s recent announcement on the upcoming changes for the gym and his family. We are all going to miss them beyond comprehension. We are excited for what is up and coming with Joewel and Liz. Let’s wish them well with a wonderful send off. Saturday 9/4, at the gym.   More details to follow, but being Labor Day weekend, we want to give as much notice as possible. I know Labor Day is a tough weekend for a get together, but Jeff and Mo have an endless to do list in a very short  amount of time. We would really LOVE for everyone to be able to make it  save the date!

Monday August 2nd 


Back Rack Lunge (Double Progression Week 5 “DELOAD”)
4-6 Reps on EACH leg
*Shoot for 5% heavier than you did on week 3 OR if you didn’t get all 3 sets for 6 on each leg, then try that weight again.

Metcon (No Measure)

Complete in ANY order:

50 Toes to bar

150 Air Squats

100 Barbell Push Press 75/55lb.

150 Sit-Ups

100 Push-Ups