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Don’t forget to sign up for our Sexy By Summer contest!! Let’s lose that quarantine 15!   Bring your $20 to a trainer, take your before photos and get signed up.  The member with the most visible difference between week 1 and week 9, wins all the cash!!

if you want some guidance to help your results, we will run ‘Lean Into It’;  Our 8 week nutrition program to help you optimize your nutrition.  This way, you can learn from and inspire others to stay motivated along the way.  ‘Lean into it’ will run in parallel with sexy by summer.  Look for the registration link later this week.

Thursday April 1st

Metcon (Weight)

6-8 Push Press
Immediately into;
Max Effort Weighted Hanging Knee Raises
Rest 90sec. Repeat For 4-5 Total “Working” Sets.

*Push Press should be 5%+ more than last weeks Push Press.

Weighted Hanging Knee Raise Demo:

Metcon (Distance)

In Teams of 2:
Max Meters On The Rower
(Switching Every 250 meters or Every 45sec.)

*If you and your partner are pretty similar in ability, choose every 250m. If one of you is WAY better at rowing, switch every 45sec. That way everyone gets a SMOKIN workout in here.

As soon as that 30min. mark hits, you are done! Stop pulling and wherever it lands on the monitor is your total meters scored! Excited to see these scores 🙂

You will only be rowing 5-6 times each so HAMMER it!

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
Optional Extra Credit: (Pick Only 1)

1.) 5min. of Max Kipping HSPU’s
2.) 5min. of Max Strict HSPU’s
3.) 5min. of Max Distance Handstand Walk