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Did you know sleep is vital to muscle recovery?  However sleep deprivation can also contribute to muscle loss. In order to help your muscles grow, they need to recover from strength training.  That’s why active rest days and full rest days are important.  When you get into a deep sleep, you will breathe slower, taking in more oxygen.  That oxygen is what your muscles need to recover.  If you don’t get enough sleep, you never enter a deep sleep, in turn not giving your muscles that necessary oxygen.  The other downside of not sleeping enough is you can develop a growth hormone deficiency, which means your body isn’t able to contribute to muscle growth.
I don’t get nearly enough sleep, and as I’m dialing in my nutrition, I may be leaning up, but I will struggle to build muscle mass, unless I give my body the necessary 7-9 hours of sleep I need to recover properly. Any of you full-time working folks, with school-aged or younger kids at home able to get 7-9 hours of sleep?  Haha impossible.
Tuesday January 19th
Three Position Snatch

Spend 20min. Working up to something heavy here… Take a 2 second PAUSE at each position and FOCUS on the positioning.

Position 1) From Mid Thigh
Position 2) From Just Below The Knee
Position 3) From the Floor

For Time:
Push Jerks 135/95
Burpees Over The Bar

Quick and Dirty today 🙂